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Disco Cowboy

Disco Cowboy

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The photo above is of the mold used to create your freshie! Since we are just getting our store started, not all molds have been created! Until each one has been made, the molds will be posted! 

Freshies are made to order unless stated ready to ship in posting. TAT is typically 7-10 business days, not including holidays. 

Freshies are handmade so every freshie will look the exact same. Each freshie should hold its scent anywhere from 3-6 weeks! Some scents are naturally stronger than others.

Freshie scents are heat activated so in cooler months the scent may not be as strong. Just turn up the heat and you will start to smell it! Being that they are heat activated, in hotter summer months freshie may not hold scent as long due to the sun drawing the scent out more!

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